6 Lessons Learned:

Importance Of Deleting Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the popular social media outlet as it has numerous users in them but not all of them are normally active. People sign up in a social platform but not usually keep up with it hence it is advisable that if one created a Twitter account but has not been able to keep up with it he or she should consider closing the account. One can avoid being a prey to cyberbullies when they are not active on Twitter or better still, when they totally delete their account on the social media. Among the effects of cyberbullying is that one can have psychological issues, depression and even posses suicidal thoughts as it is very toxic.

One of the other reason as to why one should also delete their Twitter account is when one never really got the hang of it but just created an account because it was a trend. Using hashtags and re-tweet sounds very complex to people who are new to Twitter and that’s why most of them are not active and therefore should delete their account immediately. Being unable to understand a social media platform is not bad and therefore it is advised that if one did not get the grasp of Twitter they should try out some other social media platform and see on how they can delete their Twitter account.

Another benefit of deleting a Twitter account is that companies will not have to tract you because the footprints that one created when following a company will be deleted too. When every time one is using the internet and a single company’s advertisement that they followed on Twitter keeps on popping up, it is advisable that they delete their Twitter account in order to prevent this. Tweeting with some who does not follow you simple mean the whole world is seeing your conversation and when Twitter is not the best social media for you to have a private conversation, it is advised that you delete your account.

When one spend a lot of time on the social media platform, they tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the world but this will not be the case when they delete their Twitter account which is very much beneficial. We are all humans and sometimes we lose our cool over issues and this can make us send some mean tweets or post to other parties, in order not to be haunted by those acts, one might choose to just delete the entire account and start afresh. In case one has few followers as they would wished because they do not log in as often in order to be active, they might consider deleting their Twitter account for that matter. People who have many followers often tweet either every day or they have their own specific time in which they tweet that why they are being followed.