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Benefits of Getting Professional Help for Your EB-5 Immigration Visa Approval

An EB-5immigration visa is well-known to be a key requirement for all the foreign Nationals who wants to relocate the residents from their country of origin to start leaving in the United States of America.

The tremendous changes in EB-5program couple together with the more stringent measures that the governing authorities have put in place to regulate the EB-5immigration visa acquisition process which has come out as tough measures upon the investors who have decided to shift their residents from their countries of origin into the USA and therefore lead to so many i-526 denials currently.

When an immigration attorney filed i-526 petition it is a true indicator of the Investor involved in the case having invested the lawful capital that is required incorrect amounts as for the acceptable stipulations of the EB-5Project.

The second most known cause of denial of the EB-5immigration visa has been attributed to the retroactive application which came into play just after the Amendment of USCIS policies.

As you continue reading to the end of this article you will discover some of the most important steps you should take once you get an i-526 denial as a foreign investment following these steps will be very powerful in you getting your problem sorted soon as possible.

It takes 5 to 10 months for the USCIS to follow their i-526 denial we are eating right now that gives an indication of the various reasons why your application for the EB-5immigration application was denied.

In addition to the explanation letter the USCIS follows it up with the issuance of a notice which is intended to request for the evidence they needed which caused them to deny the former application.

Steps that an investor can take once they receive i-526 denial are vast and some of them are outlined here.

An investor also has an allowance to start afresh i-526 application process in which they will pursue alternative immigration paths.

Most investors 8:30 filing of complaints with federal courts especially when the reason for denial of their EB-5immigration visa application was due to change in policy by the USCIS and this has been received in the mustard sauce more than ever or anything else.

It is due to the fact that the alternative courses of action that an investor can take and pursue after denial of their EB-5immigration visa.

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